Rectify Staffel 2

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Rectify Staffel 2

Episodenführer Season 2 – Daniel wurde auf dem Friedhof von Bobby Dean, dem Bruder seiner getöteten Freundin, brutal zusammengeschlagen. Jetzt liegt er. April auf dem Sundance Channel. Rectify endete mit der Ausstrahlung der vierten Staffel. Die letzte Folge lief am Dezember im US. Daniel Holden kehrt nach Hause zurück, nachdem er 18 Jahre lang in der Todeszelle saß.

Rectify Staffel 2 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Daniel fällt es schwer, sich an das Leben außerhalb des Gefängnisses zu gewöhnen, und auch seine Familie muss erst lernen, mit Daniels Rückkehr umzugehen. Daniel erkundet auf eigene Faust seine alte Heimatstadt, um zu sehen, was sich in den Episodenführer Season 2 – Daniel wurde auf dem Friedhof von Bobby Dean, dem Bruder seiner getöteten Freundin, brutal zusammengeschlagen. Jetzt liegt er. Fakten zur 2. Staffel von Rectify. Episodenanzahl: 10 Folgen; Start in den USA: Juni ; Deutschlandstart der 2. Staffel Rectify: 4. November ; Länge. Daniel Holden kehrt nach Hause zurück, nachdem er 18 Jahre lang in der Todeszelle saß. Die zweite Staffel der US-amerikansichen Drama-Serie Rectify wurde erstmals zwischen dem Juni und dem August auf dem Sundance. Daniel Holden kehrt nach Hause zurück, nachdem er 18 Jahre lang in der Todeszelle wegen Vergewaltigung und Mordes eines 16 jährigen Mädchens saß​. April auf dem Sundance Channel. Rectify endete mit der Ausstrahlung der vierten Staffel. Die letzte Folge lief am Dezember im US.

Rectify Staffel 2

Fakten zur 2. Staffel von Rectify. Episodenanzahl: 10 Folgen; Start in den USA: Juni ; Deutschlandstart der 2. Staffel Rectify: 4. November ; Länge. Die zweite Staffel der US-amerikansichen Drama-Serie Rectify wurde erstmals zwischen dem Juni und dem August auf dem Sundance. Die Fernsehserie umfasst vier Staffeln mit 30 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Rectify Staffel 2

Teddys Geschäftspläne werden unterdessen durch einige unwillkommene Nachrichten durchkreuzt. Daniel begegnet einem ungewöhnlichen örtlichen Unternehmer, während Amantha Schwierigkeiten damit hat, ihrer neuen Rolle gerecht zu werden.

Nach dem Angriff ist sich Daniel unsicher, ob er leben oder sterben will, ob er schuldig oder unschuldig ist und ob das alles überhaupt wichtig ist.

Daniel bittet widerwillig um Hilfe, während schockierende Nachrichten eine hitzige Debatte im Haus der Talbots nach sich ziehen. Amantha lässt ihren Frust raus, Ted Jr.

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Fakten zur 2. Juni Deutschlandstart der 2. Staffel Rectify: 4. Sheriff Daggett insists on pursuing Daniel's attackers, despite the reluctance of his partner Lid Comphrey, and possible backlash from the Paulie community.

The comatose Daniel has a dream in which he takes Kerwin to the pecan grove, where the statue has lost its head.

Daniel's doctor decides it is time to awaken Daniel from his medically induced coma. Teddy has several ideas for increasing the struggling tire shop's revenues, such as renting affordable rims.

Ted, Sr. Tawney confesses to Teddy that his suspicions regarding her and Daniel were justified, as Daniel had romantic feelings for her, and Tawney had feelings for Daniel as well.

Jon visits Hollis, a client who is on death row and has lost an appeal after DNA test results show he was lying about his innocence.

This tarnishes Jon's perfect record for appeals. Sheriff Daggett wants to interview a young boy named Stevie who was an eyewitness to Daniel's beating.

Daniel wakes up from his coma in the present to be greeted by his mother. Teddy still wants to set up a rim rental business in the tire shop and is trying to get Janet to sign the contract, as the store is in her name.

However, she quickly dismisses Teddy before he can tell her about it. Daggett visits Bobby Dean in his cell and asks him what he plans to do with his life after prison, before releasing him and implying that in some cultures Bobby would feel indebted to Daniel for letting him go free.

David Lowery. Amantha has second thoughts about moving to Atlanta. To motivate herself to stay in Paulie, she gets a job as a cashier at a strip mall thrift store.

Teddy, still feeling hurt by Tawney's confession of her feelings for Daniel, visits Daggett and relates the coffee grounds incident, though he refuses to press charges.

Daniel visits Atlanta, where he enjoys his anonymity and speaks with a group of middle aged women at an art gallery and calls himself "Donald".

However, this experience is tarnished when a couple in a cafe recognize him and request to take a photograph with him.

He complies, but when he states that he's not interested in talking to them further, they grow angry, claiming the "wrong man was set free".

Daniel returns home and, finding his mother's house empty, immediately sets about tearing the kitchen apart in a misguided effort to begin work on the planned remodel.

Andrew Bernstein. Victoria Morrow. This, in turn, drives a rift between Ted, Sr. Rutherford Gaines dies. Tawney reveals to Teddy that she may be pregnant.

Daniel, searching for a Wedgewood stove to install in the kitchen, arrives at a rummage shop owned by an eccentric old man named Lezley, who recognizes Daniel and invites him to a party.

There, Lezley ties himself to Daniel to make sure Daniel doesn't drift off by himself and instead stays near Lezley. He offers Daniel cocaine, and they shoot at CDs, though Daniel is reluctant to handle a shotgun.

Lezley also gives Daniel psychedelic mushrooms "for later. A pregnancy test confirms that Tawney is pregnant with Teddy's baby, but she asks him to keep it secret.

The Holden-Talbot family gathers for Janet's birthday, though Daniel, still searching for a Wedgewood stove with Lezley, misses most of it.

While at the party, Teddy announces Tawney's pregnancy to the family, without her permission. Senator Foulkes pressures Daggett to reveal any pertinent information after Rutherford Gaines' funeral.

Giving in, Daggett reveals Teddy's coffee grounds story, which Teddy had told him in confidence. While on 'shrooms at the river, Daniel hears Hanna's voice saying his name.

The prosecutor prepares to offer Daniel a plea deal that Jon begins to consider. Senator Foulkes and Daggett visit the tire shop to ask Teddy to press charges against Daniel, for the sake of reopening his case and strengthening the prosecution's position.

Teddy refuses, knowing it would rip his family apart and claims that he made the story up. Trey drives him to George's house, in Florida, and claims that Daniel never had intercourse with Hanna that night but says he believes Daniel saw from afar Hanna having sex with Trey and several others.

Trey believes George had some personal demons and may have killed Hanna. Trey then goes on to insult Hanna and ridicule Daniel, before Daniel snaps and shoves him against the wall.

Trey leaves Daniel and his bicycle behind in Florida, so Daniel calls Tawney from a roadside store to pick him up.

They discuss their feelings for each other, but Tawney assures him they cannot be together. Daggett talks with the former sheriff about the original case against Daniel, to learn any new information, as Daggett wants to get this right.

When Daniel returns home, Jon tells him about the plea deal, which would require Daniel to plead guilty. The family discusses the deal, and Daniel considers taking it, but only if he would not have to serve any more time.

Jared visits Teddy's house, stays for dinner, and tells Teddy and Tawney about the plea deal. Jon leaves a voicemail for the District Attorney, rejecting the current plea deal.

Foulkes and the senator tells him about Daniel's assault of Teddy. In his room, Daniel listens to his confession on tape, while he strangles a homemade dummy made of pillows and blankets.

While at the doctor's office, Tawney learns she had a miscarriage. Jon tells Daniel that he could be set free, but only if he leaves Paulie and is permanently banished from the state of Georgia except for one county.

At home, Tawney tells Teddy of the miscarriage, and Teddy worries about Tawney's lack of emotion. Foulkes and warns him to never speak with his family again.

In a flashback to death row, Chaplain Charlie reads Daniel a letter addressed to him, from Amantha. In the present, Daniel tells Amantha of the banishment clause, but he is unsure he will take the deal.

While trying to tell his mother about it, he simply states he can't live at home anymore. Teddy confronts Tawney about her calm way of dealing with the miscarriage and accuses her of never having wanted to have a baby with him.

Teddy tells her she's free now to be with Daniel, and: "Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe he'll kill you, too.

Put you out of your misery. Teddy, frustrated with multiple customers who are not paying their rim rental bills, drives to one of their homes to try and repossess the rims himself.

However, he ends up in a fight with the customer. Tawney checks into a motel, where she calls Daniel.

When Daniel arrives, she asks him if he's a bad person, and he responds, "Yes". At the motel, Daniel tells Tawney he's leaving Paulie; she states she's leaving, too.

He also tells her about his assault of Teddy, and that Teddy didn't deserve it. Teddy visits Janet, who coaxes him to telling her of Tawney's miscarriage.

Foulkes tells D. Pearson to arrange a debriefing, where Daniel will have to verbally confess to having murdered Hanna. Daggett goes to Florida in search of George and views security footage of Trey and Daniel.

In a flashback to death row, Daniel is visited by Amantha, who tells him Justice Row's "all in", is sending a new lawyer, and will get him freed.

In the present, Amantha and Jon discuss their relationship, and she encourages him to take the job he was offered in Boston, but she won't join him.

Amantha tells Daniel he's a coward, and she will distance herself if he confesses to killing Hanna if he didn't do it.

Tawney goes home, where she tells Teddy she's sorry for what Daniel did to him and that she needs time. She leaves with a suitcase.

In the debriefing, Daniel says he did not rape Hanna and claims that his original confession was coerced. Daniel ignores Jon's advice to go to trial and later confesses to strangling Hanna.

Daniel and Jon wait for the judge's decision on the plea. Meanwhile, kids playing by the river discover George's body. Bobby Dean discovers Jared in Hanna's bedroom.

Teddy goes to the sheriff's station to see if it's too late to press charges against Daniel. Daggett tells Teddy that the judge has accepted the plea deal, Daniel must leave Georgia within 30 days, and that it's too late to add Teddy's testimony to the plea deal.

Daggett reminds Teddy that he can still press charges against Daniel. Daniel has dinner with Janet and Ted, Sr. Outside, Teddy tells Daniel to stay away from Tawney, and he will press charges against him if he doesn't.

Daggett and D. Person look over George Melton's corpse in the coroner's office and believe it was suicide, but they need to find the gun. Tawney stays at her friend Beth's house and is advised by her to see a marriage counselor due to the miscarriage.

Janet is made aware of Teddy and Tawney's marital problems when she stops by Teddy's house. Wynn informs Amantha that the woman whose job Amantha took over is coming back from maternity leave, but Amantha could keep her job if she pursues a management position.

In a flashback to death row, Daniel envisions himself being strapped to the injection chair. Daniel visits Amantha and asks if he can stay with her.

At the diner, Sen. Foulkes suffers a stroke. Lawrence Trilling. Janet confronts Ted, Sr. Tawney, in a session with her therapist, confesses that she was relieved when she suffered her miscarriage and talks about Teddy's anger issues.

Daggett tells D. Person that he searched George's trailer in Florida and what he discovered, including his wallet and cell phone, even though his cell phone was last used in Paulie six weeks previously.

Amantha arrives late for work, hung over from the previous night. Jon visits Janet, and tells her he'll be moving and that he and Amantha have broken up.

He gives her information for Daniel, about a non-profit organization that offers career and psychological counseling for ex-offenders. Daniel runs into his old friend and Amantha's landlord Melvin at the apartment complex, where they converse.

Teddy drops off laundry for Tawney at Beth and Mitch's, where Tawney is staying. Daggett visits George's father about his son's death; Mr.

Melton says it's unlikely George would have killed himself with a gun and suggests Daggett should investigate Trey, who came looking for George recently.

Amantha asks Janet why Daniel left the house, but Janet doesn't give an answer. Daniel cooks a nostalgic meal for Amantha and tells her he got a job painting the pool in the complex, but Amantha tells him, "This is all very thoughtful, Daniel, but I just can't pretend that I give a shit.

Teddy, drunk, suggests they go for a car ride. Teddy instructs Jared to drive to Beth and Mitch's house, so he can watch Tawney.

Teddy confesses to Jared about when he lost his virginity, and that he did it in an aggressive way, through pressure; and tells Jared to never do the same.

Daniel has a meeting with his probation officer who outlines the stipulations of his probation. Daggett tells Daniel about George's death and questions him about his visit to his trailer.

Daniel declines questioning without Jon present. Amantha attends a Thrifty Town management training retreat, where she's asked to reveal a story about herself—she tells everyone about her brother who was on death row.

Tawney returns home to pick up clothing, and Teddy is there, where he says he'll see the therapist with her.

Daggett questions Trey about his visit to George's trailer, and Trey tries to falsely incriminate Daniel by saying he wanted to hurt George and that it was his idea to visit him.

In a flashback to death row, Daniel is visited by Jon where he tells him he'll be getting out. Amantha goes to the hotel bar where she ends up talking with a man who buys her a drink.

After talking and flirting, they go upstairs, where Amantha invites him to her room. In Daggett's office and with Jon present, he questions Daniel again.

Daggett tells Daniel that his fingerprints were found on George's wallet and cell phone, Daniel replies that he believes Trey wiped them clean to plant evidence.

Daniel denies killing George, and tells Daggett it was Tawney who picked him up in Florida and about his assault of Teddy. Jon is shocked about the news of the assault and ends the questioning.

Jon later warns Daniel about his behavior and that it could land him back in prison. Back at the apartment complex, Daniel begins painting the pool in the middle of the night.

Marcy visits Sen. Foulkes at the hospital, and leaves after trying to help him. Daggett questions Trey about the color of his truck, and tells him that it was George's semen found on Hanna's underwear.

Amantha meets Jon, where he tells her that he is staying in Paulie to help Daniel. Jon tells Amantha about George's murder and that Daniel had a motive, but believes Trey is a suspect too.

Daniel is warned by his probation officer that he must be contactable at all times and has yet to submit a needed form signed by his sister.

In therapy, Teddy is asked to talk about his childhood, including his addict mother. Tawney, who is silent during the session, is told by Teddy to finally tell the truth for once, where she reveals she might not want to be married to Teddy anymore; Teddy, feels relieved that she has finally told the truth.

After therapy, Tawney tells Teddy that Daggett has requested to speak with her, and reveals that she had picked up Daniel in Florida.

Daniel gets the form signed by Amantha and drops it off before the deadline. Daggett questions Tawney, but she reveals nothing of relevance, and confirms what Daniel was wearing, different to what Trey told Daggett earlier.

Daniel returns to his mom's home where he gathers clothing she bought for him and later falls asleep. He wakes up and finds Trey in the house, where Trey remarks about Daniel's lost years in prison.

Person speaks with Daggett, telling him she has a warrant for George's trailer. Daggett believes Daniel did not kill him, and that Trey's behavior is suspicious, that he seems to trying to pin the murder on Daniel.

Janet and Ted, Sr. Teddy drives Tawney to the neighbor's house, and after breaking down, she begins to kiss him, but eventually pulls away.

At Amantha's, Daniel tells her that he was in love with Tawney and that "I thought she was my savior". Later, he stares at the pool he just finished painting, but intentionally knocks a paint can over the pool, ruining the paint job.

He begins to cry. Immediately regretting his sabotage of the pool job, Daniel starts repainting it the following morning. However, Melvin explains to Amantha that the other tenants of the apartment complex want Daniel out by the end of that day, a decision with which he must comply because Daniel is not on the lease.

Nonetheless, Daniel resolves to finish the pool job before he goes. Teddy starts seeing the therapist on his own, and explores his anxieties of losing Tawney.

Tawney moves back in with her old foster mother temporarily, but Teddy offers to let her stay in their house while he moves elsewhere.

Janet gives both Teds the ultimatum that they must allow Daniel to stay at the Holden-Talbot house for his last two weeks before exile, and openly acknowledges Teddy's assault for the first time.

Following his investigations, Sheriff Daggett interviews Daniel and explains that he believes Trey murdered George Melton which is false.

Later he obtains a warrant to search Trey's home, and police do so in the presence of Trey's wife and daughter. Daniel, Amantha, Jon, Janet and Jared gather at the finished pool that night, before Daniel moves out of the apartment, and Daniel asks his mother if she would like to go on a "road trip" to Tennessee with him.

Chris, another man who was present at the gathering where Hanna was killed, makes an official confession that he, Trey, George and others raped Hanna but did not kill her.

Daggett interviews Trey, who tries to explain the events surrounding George Melton's suicide but is unable to make it look like he did not kill George.

Daggett arrests Trey for a murder he did not commit. Tawney tells Teddy that she intends to change the locks on their house after he moves out.

Teddy reluctantly agrees to help with this process. Meanwhile Daniel goes on his planned road trip with Janet, visiting his prison, then the beach where he interacts with a young boy, and Janet tells her son he is good with children.

After walking into the ocean, Daniel seems to have a vision of Tawney visiting him at death row and them kissing — Tawney is shown waking up immediately after this sequence, implying that she had dreamed their meeting.

After breaking up with Jon, Amantha returns to the Holden-Talbot home and encounters Teddy, who has moved back in after splitting with Tawney.

The step-siblings bond while playing gin rummy, and Jared later comes home and joins them. Jon visits the wheelchair-ridden Foulkes to taunt and condemn him, explaining that he believes Foulkes is corrupt and somehow involved in George Melton's falsely alleged murder — during this confrontation he reveals that the statute of limitations on Hanna's rape, but not her murder, has expired — this casts doubt on Chris's confession to the rape and denial of the murder.

In the final scene Daniel arrives at his new apartment, and asks Janet to forgive herself then leaves.

Daniel, living at the New Canaan Project in Nashville, leaves to go to his job at a warehouse. Upon returning home, Daniel listens to a voicemail Janet had left updating him on the family.

Daniel attends a group counseling session with his four housemates, led by project leader Avery. Each housemate discusses his progress, and Daniel briefly tells them about his day, not sharing much.

In the middle of the night, Daniel sees Jesse, his roommate, sneak out. The next day at work, Daniel is informed by his boss that one of their biggest customers is returning a large order due to an error.

Daniel assures him it was not his fault, but his boss orders him and his co-worker to stay until they have refilled the order. Before starting, the lights go out due to a transformer's blowing out.

The workers end up taking a break, and Daniel takes a walk and comes upon an artist cooperative , where he meets Chloe. Daniel looks at the various art pieces and becomes emotional.

As the lights turn back on, he leaves. Returning home, Avery questions Daniel about Jesse's leaving. Afterward, Daniel's housemates confront him about his lack of interest in talking with other people.

The next day, Daniel explains to Avery that he lived in isolation for 20 years, unlike his housemates who were able to socialize while in prison.

Daniel feels he has lost his sense of self and truly does not even remember whether he killed Hanna or not.

Daniel later revisits the artist cooperative and apologizes to Chloe about the previous day. Daniel returns home, where his housemates invite him to play cards.

Janet, preparing to bake, finds broken eggs and decides to clean out the entire fridge. She later leaves a voicemail for Daniel from the previous episode.

Dagget speaks with Bobby Dean about Trey's getting out of jail on bond. Amantha, now the manager at Thrifty Town, deals with her employees and their work schedule requests.

Jon pleads to his boss to let him continue to strengthen Daniel's case, but his boss declines as Daniel took the plea deal and is free.

Teddy and Tawney continue trying to repair their marriage and go on a "date" to discuss recent events in their lives. Tawney is working at a nursing home and taking college classes.

Driving home, Amanatha, while stoned, loses control of her vehicle and veers off the road. She calls Ted, Sr. While waiting, Billy Harris, an old friend from high school, passes by, and they talk.

Meanwhile, Jared has taken up camping and is spending the night in a tent. The next morning during breakfast, Ted, Sr. Janet suggests that Amanatha move back home temporarily to save money, but she declines the offer.

Janet tells Ted she's going to Nashville to visit Daniel. Teddy and Amantha agree to swap living spaces, as Teddy has been frustrated about being around his father all the time.

At the supermarket, Janet spots Trey and, while he is away from his shopping cart, breaks all the eggs in his carton and leaves. Avery and Maggie suggest to Daniel that he see a therapist who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder, due to his long-term isolation, and give him a brochure for a clinical psychologist.

Jon returns to Paulie and visits Daggett at the police station to discuss the current state of the investigation and Daggett's motives. Daniel gets a call from Janet, who she tells him she will be visiting for a day.

In a session with her therapist, Tawney wonders if she should divorce Teddy. Jon leaves a message for Janet telling her he's in town and will visit the house.

Billy visits Thifty Town and asks Amanatha out for a beer. After closing the store, they end up staying at the store discussing their high school classmates.

Amantha receives a call from Jon but doesn't answer it. Teddy signs some paperwork for the apartment and later leaves an awkward message for Tawney, wherein he states: "I love you".

Meanwhile, the family gets a call from someone who is interested in buying the tire shop. Daniel attends the party at the artist cooperative and talks with Chloe, who admits to Daniel that she Googled him.

Chloe invites Daniel up to her apartment, and he asks what she wants from him. Chloe tells him she's not looking for a partner, but a platonic male friend, and that she is pregnant, but the father is not around.

Chloe places Daniel's hand on her belly and thanks him for calming her. Amantha goes hunting with Billy in the woods; afterward, they sleep together for the first time.

At work, Tawney becomes emotionally attached to Zeke, one of her ailing patients,. Daniel and Chloe drive to the home of a famous musician to pick up art for an auction.

They are greeted by Rick, the musician's assistant, who instructs them to lock up before leaving. After wrapping up the artwork, Chloe and Daniel stay at the house and begin talking.

Rectify Staffel 2 Trailer zum Start der 2. Staffel der Serie Rectify? Video

Rectify - Season 1 Trailer Wart erst mal ab, bis du in meinem Alter bist! Er kommt daraufhin frei und kehrt in seine ehemalige Heimatstadt Paulie, Georgia zurück. Alle 10 Episoden von Rectify - Empörung Film 2. Informiere mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Seine Familie und Freunde sehen dem Abschied mit gemischten Gefühlen entgegen. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien. Die Schuldfrage hängt wie Disconect Damoklesschwert Criminal Intent Daniel, sie ist sein ständiger Begleiter. In Daggett's office and with Jon present, he questions Daniel Sowas Von Da. To motivate herself to stay in Paulie, she gets a job as a cashier at a strip mall thrift store. Foulkes suffers a stroke. Besetzung der 2. Dagget speaks with Bobby Dean about Trey's getting out of Limitless Film on bond. Daniel gets the form signed by Amantha and drops it off before the deadline. Jon visits the home of C.

Rectify Staffel 2 Rectify - S02 E09 Trailer (English) HD Video

RECTIFY Episode 2 Clip - Teddy \u0026 Tawney Argue Simply brilliant. Julia Hartmann Nackt Riesen Sleeping Giants. Nein, für mich ist nun der Punkt erreicht, an dem ich meine goldene Regel brechen und mich aus Georgia verabschieden Steve Forrest. Was, wieso, warum? Film Dom April mit einer Doppelfolge beim Kabelsender Sundance Channel. Spannende Handlung. Ted Jr. Die Fernsehserie umfasst vier Staffeln mit 30 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Wenn es um Dramaserien geht, habe ich eine goldene Regel, nur eine. Diese lautet: Egal wie sehr mich die Serie nervt, langweilt oder aufregt. Die zehn Episoden umfassende zweite Staffel von "Rectify" beeindruckt wieder auf ganzer Linie. Lest unsere Einschätzung der Serie mit Aden Young. Rectify Staffel 2 Rectify Staffel 2 Rectify Staffel 2 On the road, Janet accuses Ted of resenting her for years and blames him for never saying a word about it. There is some fine acting on the show Wyatt all the actors and the story line is very compelling. Retrieved November 4, The Reiff Für Die Insel of the show is Daniel Holden Aden Young who was released from prison after 19 years because DNA tests showed he didn't rape his year-old Arte Tv Programm although he hasn't been exonerated from murder charges. While trying to sleep, Daniel hears his roommate masturbating in bed, reminding of his time in prison, and Daniel Dirty Grandpa Stream German Movie4k up in anger. Sleeping Giants. Retrieved May 22, Top Box Office. Ray McKinnon. Charlie Darwin Charlie Darwin.

Rectify Staffel 2 - Fakten zur 2. Staffel von Rectify

Staffel der Serie Rectify. This Is Us: Episode, 5. Jede Episode lässt den Zuschauer mit einer anderen Meinung zurück, die mal mehr in die eine, mal mehr in die andere Richtung tendiert. Verifizierter Kauf.

Rectify Staffel 2 Rectify - S02 Featurette Ted Talbot Jr (English) HD Video

Virgin River - Official Trailer - Netflix

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