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I never law a finer fliape. She has an eafy genteel air. The hape of her hce is admirable. What white hands he has! She has teeth as white as fiiow. Ha btIB occhii Nm ho mat vijio ufia piu Mia fiatura. II giro del tnfa r bnt fatt9. Una carnaggione bianca i vivaa. Hd i denti Mamhi com Hf nofi. She has a fprighdy look. She has furprifiog charms. Ha una fifirmaa firitSfd.

Table of 1 2. Go with all fpeed to 20 2 my fifter's, you hall tell her that I pray her to 20 Fa quanio prima da miaforeUay k dirai che la prego di prejlarm il fm ManufcrittOy e the k rimandeiri fra un hra.

Table of Artkles, 4. WOBhC Behold, thou haft made my days a Tpan long, and the time of mylifeis as nothing be- fore thee j verily every iftan Itviiig is altogether vanity. Cirtohuom vi iviifu snjlgura: AftMomgli incontro em his prefence with thahkf- loMy giuUliamogB ccnjalm giving: For the Lord is a great God: In his hand are ail the comers of the earth: The fea is his, and he made it: Forhe is tike Lord our God and. To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts: M taJeiuttOj perebe k fie mam thanfonnato.

Wlien your fiidiera tempted me; proved me, and faw my works. Unto whom I fwear in my wrath, that they hould not enter into my reft. Who- foever therefore refifteth the power, refifteth the 6rdinance of God! For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord: His leaf alfo hall not wither: As for the ungodly it is not fo with theoi: Therefore the ungod- ly fhall not be able to uand in the judgment: But the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: Cbfe non far anno gia gU empi: Pmhcbe il Sigmn cm- fee la via di' giujti: Andar per kpejiiy to be beaten.

Andarper il mondQ, to travel. Andar fpantOy to be dreffed extravagantly. Dar' adintenderej to make one believe. Darft penfiere, to care for. Dar' in prefiito, to lend. Darcmto, to give an acjcount. Dar addietroy to give back.

Dar ilgrande Addioy to bid the World Adieu.. Dar r ultimo crpUoj to fall down ftaric dead. Farji innanzi, to come forward. Far ajeperiy to let one know. Far brogBoy to make a hurley-hurley. Far delgrandij to take State upon one. Far'di capelhy to pull of one's Hat. Fargofiviglia, to throw the Houfe out at the Wing dow. Fori fl bahrihj to play the Ninny. Starjuk hurk, to jeft, to banter. Star' aldettoy to rely on a Man's Worf. Saptre a mmUy to know by heart.

Saper di huonoy faper buonOy to fmdl well. Saper' trovar ilpeb nelle umjdy to be cunning, to be harp. Ti si diriy I can tell thee. Tenire da unOy to be of one's Side. Tenerabada, to hold in Oifpenfe. Tener mente, to heed. Voler bene-y to love. Velir maU, to hate.

V rXgatta, to pick a Quarrel mth one. Venire aUefirettCy to come to Blows.. Venir jatupreffy to come toclofe Fight. Venir a direy to import, or mean. Venir alle maniy to come to Handy-blows. Very well at your fervice. I would iFI was able. I mufi dn it. I have a great mind for it. I am veiy glad of it. I am forry for it.

I wifti you joy. I am impatient for it. I hall efteem it a favour. Sir, I know not what you fay. I am glad to fee you in good health. I am much obliged to you. I afk your pardon. Believe me s anfwer mes hear me, Write to me; fpeak to me; excufeme; tdl me, give me. What do you think of it? What news is there? What do they lay pf it? Nmjp quel che die a V. Le joiiQ moUo obligate Mi fcufiV.

How can be dp it. Row old are you. Turn to the right hand, to the left. At what o'clock do you dine? It is dinner time. See what a clock it is by your watch.

It is going to rain. E ora di prenzi. Veda cbe or a t alfuo orhbm- Vuol plover m: It foows, it freezes. The fun ihines; it is moon-light. Do not trouble yourfelf NinfeneimpiccivofJignorUu about it. Which way do they go?

I have nothing to give him. He is in great want. You will repent of it afterwards. Nm hi cbi dargU. Fetter Ufiu grazUm FetraperUirfene pot. The firft, prim The fixteenth. The Verbs of the ItaUm Tongue may. CfiiirH I houLd believe. Sintiri Khali or will hear Jentirai thou ihalt or will hear fintira he hall or will hear Plur.

Participle Passive, or Commok. And the like in other Compound Tenfes. C J Flun fiamo amati we are loved. And the like throughout the feveral Moods and Tenfcs: Ji himfelf, herfelf, ci ourfelves, vi your- fclves, y? C 1 III. But not to owell loiter on thefe Particulars, the different formation ot Ferbs Irregtdar will be bed learnt by a due attention to the Verbs thethfelves, as fetdown in the fi wing.

Fatto, ta Fatti, te. Stetti Steffi fteftt fteffi ftette ftefte ftemmo fteflimo ftefte ftefte fiettero. Ardo, ardi, arde ardiamo ardCte ardono. Ardevo ardevi ardcva ardevamo ardevace ardevano. Arda arda arda ardiamo ardiate ardano. Cadeffi, fi, fe Cadevo, vi, va. Cadero, rai, ri r. Conceda, da, da concediamo concediate concedano.

Conceffo, la conceili fe. I 4- ; Condurro, rai, ra conduremo, rete, ranno. S- Condubi condttca ' conduciamo conducete conducano 6. Conduca, a, a conduciamo conduciate conducano. Cbndurrei condurrefti condinrrebbe condurrcmmo condurrefte ' condurreAbero ' 8. Chiudarefll, i, e chiudeceffimo chiudwefte chiudireflrero. Coglio, cplgo cogli coglie cogtiamo coglictc cQJgUonOy colgono.

Corro, i, c corriamo ' correte corrono. Correvo, vl, va correvamo, ate, ano. Corfo, la corii, fe. Conofccvo, vi, va conofcevamO vatOiVOnd 3. Conobbi conofcedi conobbe conofcemmo conofceft conobbero. Crefco, ci, cc crefciamo. Crefceffi, fi, fc crcfceffimo crefcccefte ' crefceflera. T 3 5- C 2ia Cingi, ga- cingiamo cingate: In like manniTy Spingere, to thirjl. Do V ere, to owe. Dovcvo, vi, va ' dovevamo, vatb, vatxa 3. Mi dtdfs dotei ti doleftif lidolfe. Diftinguero, rai, li diftingueremo diftinguerete diftingueranno.

Fondi di, de fondiamo fondete fondono. Fonda, da, da fondiamo, ate, ailo. Giaccia, a, a giacciamo giacciate giacciano. Giacefli, ii, fe giaceilimo. Goda, Zf a godiamo godiate godano. Goduto, a gbduti, 6 Giunga, ga, ga giungiamoy. Mofli muovdli moflfe muovemmo muovefte mofiero. XXL Mcttere, t9 Mctto, i, e mettiamo, tete, tono.

Metti; U metttamo met. U 6t Metta, a, a roecctaino, tiate, tanow 7- Metterei metterefli mettcrebbc metteremmo mettcrcftc metterebbero. Nafccvo, vi, Va nafcevamo, Vatc, vano. Nafccffi, fly fc nafceiTuno, efte, eSoo. Nafconderc, afcondcre, to bide. Vafcondcro, rai, A nafconderemo. Nafcondi, di nafcondiamo nafcondete nafcondano. Parcvo, vi, va 6. Pari, ra nuoceflimo nuocefte nuoceflero. Fa'-fo, fa parfi, fe.

Perfuado, di,de perfuadiamo perAiadete perfuadono. Perfuadefli, fi, fe perfuadeflimo perfuadefte I perfuadeflero. Pcrcuoto, ti, tc jpercutiamo pcricotete percuotono. Pcrcuotcvo, vi, va percuotcvamo, vate, va- no. Percofn percuotefti percoffe percuotemmo percuotcfte.

Pcrcoflb, h percoili, fe. Piacdo piaci piacce piacciamo piacete piacciono. Piacevo, vi, va piacevamo, vate, vano. Piaccia, cia, cia piaQciamo piacciate piacciano. Piacciuto, ta piacciuti, te. Piangevo, vi, va piangevamo, vatc, vano.

Potcffi, fijfe poteffimo XXX. Potcfe, to he potefte able. IronerCjror- 1 re, iofut. In Ule manner its com- Poncvo, vi, va pounds ponevamo, vate, vano. PrenderCy ponjemmo ponefte io take. Prcndero, rai, ra Porrci, rcfti, fcbbe prendercmo, rete.

Prcnda, a, a Ponendo. Rimango rlmani, ne ximanisuno, aete, gfono. Kimanevo, vi, va rimanevamo, ate, ano. Rimafi rimanefti irimafe irimanemou Timancfte rimafero. Rimani rimanga rimaniamo, nete, tigano. Rifolva, a, a Rifo viamo,'viate, vano. Rifolvfcffi, ffu fle rifolvefllmo, vefte,vefle- ro. Rifoluto, ta tifolutiy te. Rifpondi, da nfpondiamo,dete, dano. Rtfponda, da, da rifpondiamo, diate, daQO 7- Rifponderei, refti, rebbe rifponderemmo, leAe, rebbero.

Rodefli, fi, fle KifpoOo, a rodcflimo, efte, ffcrcH rifpofti, te. Rodcrc, Corroderf, to gnaw. Rompo, pi, pe rodcvamo, vatc, vano. Rompa, a, a rompiamo, piate, pano. Rotto, ta Rotti, te. I- Kifpondo, di, de rifpondiamo,dete,dono.

Rifpoffi rifpondefti rifpofe rifpondemmo rifpondefte rifpofero. Rifponda, da, da rifpondiamo, diate, da-- no. Rifpofto, ta Rifpofti, te. Roda, da, da rodiamo, dete, dano. Rodcffi, ffi, fle rodellimo, efte, flero. Rofo, fa Rofi, fe. So, fai, k fapiamo, pete, pono. Sapevo, vi, va fapevamo, vate, vano 3. Seppi ' fapefti feppe fapcmmo iapede feppero.

Sappi fappia fappiamo fappete fappiano. Sappia, a, a fappiamo fappiate fappiano. Sapeffi, ffi,fle iaptfffimo, efte, eflero. Saputo, ta, iaputi, te. Scrivo, vi, ve fcriviamo, vete, vono. Scrivevo, vi, va fcrivevamo, vate, vano. Scriffi- fcrivefti fcriffe fcrivemmo fcrivefte fcriffero.

Scriverei, refti, rebbe fcriveremmo, refte, reb- bero. Scriveffi, effi, cfle fcriveflimo, efte, eflero. Scritto, ta Scritti, te. Soglio, fuoli, fole fogliamo folate folono, foglionot 2. Solevo, VI, va folevamo, vate, vano.

Sedefli, cffi, effe fedeffimo, cfte, eflero. Scduto, ta feduti, te. Scdo, dr, de iediamo, dete, dono. Sedcvo, vi, va fedevemo, vate, vano. Sedei, fedetti fedefti fcdette fedemmo, defte,detcero. Solvo, vi, ve Solviamo, vete, vono. Solvevo, vi, va Solvevamo, vate, vaoot 3- Solvei, folvetti folvefti folve, folvcttc. Solvemmo, vefte, vettc- ro. Solvere, rai, ra folveremo, rete, ranno. Solva, a, a folviamo, viate, vano. Soluto, ta foluti, te; Sceglierc, to t chufe. Scelgo, fcegUo fcelgi, fcegli fcelge, fccglie fcegliamo fcegliete fcelgono, 2.

Scein fcegliefti fcelfe fcegliemmo fcegliefte fceUero. Tengo, tieni, tiene X 3 icniamo. Tcnevo, vi, va tcncvamo, vate, vano. Tcnga, ga, ga teniama, iate, ngano. Terrei, rerfi, rebbe terremmo, reftc, reb- bero. Ten 11 to 5 ta tcnuti, te. Valcre, to be wortk I. Vaglio, vali, vale vagliatno, valete, vagli- ono. Valuto, ta vahiti, te. In Hie manner y Us. Vedo, di, de vediamo, dete, dono. Vcdcvo, vi, va vcdevamo, vate, vano.

S- Vedi, veda vediamoy vedete, veda-. Veda, a, a vediamo, diate, dano. Vedeffi, effi, effe vedeffimo, efte, efle- ro. Vifto, vcduto, ta villi, veduti, te. I Vivo, vl, ve viviamo, vete, vono. Vivi, viva viviamo, vivete, vivano. Viva, a, a viviamo, viate, vivano; 7' Vivcrei, refti, rebbe viveremmo. Viveffi, efli, efle viveflimo, efte, effero, Vivendo. Vinccrc, to con- Vinciamo, cete, cono.

Viftfi, cefti, vinfe vincemmo, ceftcj fcro. Vinca, a, a vinciamo, ciate, cano. Vinto, ta Vinti, te. Voglio, vaof, vuole vogliamo, volete, vog- liono. Voglia, a, a vogliamo, iate, iano. C ] I yolgemmo, volgeftc, volfprn. Vorrei, rem, rebbe vorrcmmo, rcfte, reb- bcro. Voleffi, cffi, cffe voleffimo, cfte, cffero. Voluto, ta voluti, te.

Volgo, gi, ge volgiamo, gete, gono. Volfi, volgeftij volfe volfero. Volgero, rai, ra vorgercrao, rcte, ranna S- Volgi, ga, volgiamo, gete, gana. Volto, ta volti, te. In like manner y its cm' pound Revolgere, toretnrn. Abbolivo, vi, va abbolivamo, vate, vano.

Abbolii, lifti, boli abbolimmoi lifte, liro- no. Abbolito, ta aboliti, te. IL Aprire, to open. Apro, apri, apre apriamo, aprite, aprono, 2. Aprivo, vi, va aprivamo, vate, vano.

Apri, aperfe aprimmo, aprifte aprirono. Apra, a, a apriamo, ate, iano. Apriffi, iffi, ifle apriffimo, ifte, ifiero. Apeito, ta Aperti, te; III. Apparifca, ca, ca appariamo, riate, rifca- no. Appariffi, iBi, iffe appariflimo, ifte, iflero. Apparfo, a apparfi, e. I Bianchifco, ifci, ifce bianchifciamo, cbite, chifcono. Bianchivo, vi, va bianchevamo, vate, va- no.

Bianchii, chifti, chi bianchimmo, chifte,chi- rono. Bianchiro, rai, ra biancheremo, rete, ran- no. Bianchifci, ca bianchifciamo, chite, chifcano. Bianchifca, ca, ca bianchifciamo, ciate,chi- ciano. Bianchiffi, ifli, iffe C ] bianchiffimo, ifte, iffe- ro. Bianchito, ta bianchite, ti. Capifco, ci, ce capiamo, pite, capif- cono. Capivo, vi, va capivamo, vate, vano. Capifci, ca capimo, pitc, pifcano.

Capifca, ca, ca capiamo, piate, pifcano,' 7- Capirei, refti, rebbe Y capi- [ J capiremmo, reftc, reb- hero. CarifTi, iffl, iffe capifliiiio, ifte, iffero. Capita, ta Capiti, tc. Dies ca, ca diciamo, diciate, dicano. DicefTi, efll, efle diceffimo, efte, effero. Dicevo, vi, va diccvamo, vate, vano. VI L EfTeguire, to execute. Efleguifco, ci, ce cfToguiamo, guite, guif- cano. ElTeguivo, vi, va efleguvia- C 3 effeguivamo, vate, vano. Efleguifca, ca, ca cffeguiamoj guiate, guif- cand.

Eireguiffi, ilTi, efle cfleguiiTimo, ifte, iflc- ro. Efleguito, u elleguiti, te. Gire, or Glr, to go. N 5te, there be only the follfywing Tenfes and Perfom of this Verb in ufe.

Giro, rai, ra giremo, rete, ranno. Moro, miicio mori Y 2 mor. Morivo, vi, va mbrlvamo, ate, ano. OfFerifco, ci, ce offeriamo, rite, rifcono. OfFerivo, vi, va ofFerivramo, vate, vano. Moriffi, uFi, ifle moriffimo, ifte, iflero. Morto, ta mortij te. OiFerifca, ca, ca ofFeriamo, riate, ifcano. Salgo, faglio lali, le fagliamo falite falgono, foglioiio. Salivo, vi, va falivamo. Salii, falfi faliili fali, falfe falimmo falifte iklirono, falfercj 4- Saliro, rai, ra faliremo, rete, ranno.

Saiga, faglia falga, ga fagliamo, liate, gaiio. Salito, ta falitij te. XIL Spedire, tQ dijpatck. Spcdifcoj fci, fee fpcdiamo, dite, fcono. Spedifca, fca, fca fpcdiamo, diate, dano. Spedito, ta fpediti, te. Odo, odi, ode udiaino, udite, odono. Udivo, vi, va udivamo, vate, vano. Udii, udifti, udi udimmo, udifte, udi- rono. Oda, oda, oda udiamo, diate, odana 7- Udirei, refti, rebbe udiremmo, refte, refr- bero. Udifli, iffi, ifle udiflimo, ifte, iflerO". Udito, ta ujiti, te XIV. Venivo, vi, va venivamo, vate, vano.

Venga, ga, ga veniamo, iate, gano. Venuto,' ta Venuti, te. Ufcire, to go out. Ufcivo, vi, va ufcivamo, vate, vano. Efca, ca, ca ' ufciamo, iate, efcano. E fojpirar k fronde Ho vtjto alptanto mio: Ihavt feen the Rocks and Waters compaflionately reply to my Complaints, I have feen the Woods accompany my Com- plaints with fighs: O miferrello, Non difperar, cVacquiJie- rai cojiei.

Ma ilmiferonon puote alafua morte hidugio fojiener di lungo tempo, Tir. Poor Man, ne- ver defpair of gaining her. Thyr, The Delay will be fhort: Chefe hen confeffato m'hai piu volte D'amare, mi tacejli perb dove Fojfe pofto? Ch'iofono homai ft proffimo d I0mortey CV e ben region, cVio lafci, chi radica La cagion del morire, e che r incida Ne lafcorza d'unfaggio, prejfo illuogo, Dovejara fepolto il corpo efaugue: I am content, Thyrfis, to tell you that, which the Woods, the Mountains, and the Ri- vers know, though 'tis unknown to Men: Thyr, Go on then, for I am attentive, and per- haps to fcetter Purpofe, than you imagine.

Conforme era Vetatey Md'lpenjierpiu conforme: Iliv'd with her fo united for fome time, that between two Turtles there never will be, nor ever was a more faithful Alliance. Ad- joining were our Habita- tions, but more adjoin- ing our Hearts: Ben me n'accorfi alfin.

I figh'd often, and knew not the caufe of my figh- ing. Thus I became a Lorer, before I under- ftood what kind of thing Love was. Too wclll found what it was at lad! A ox an before parts of f!

A before Snbftantivei, ' c. About i after 40, c. Article before a Nods, c. Abverbs of Qnantitj, c. But, with a Verb, c. Frmy from thf, before Pro- noans and proper Namci, c. From, beibrt a Participle in ing, c. V In tbe; before parts of time, c. In tbe, in comparifon, c! Infinitive Mood uftd im for biding, c.

More, mort of c. Mtfibf in conpArifoiii c. Names ofdignity and office, takenoarticlfyC. Meper, beginning the fci- tcnce, c. Negatives not ezprefiisd double, c. Nauns in general, take an article, c i. For others, who don't like them or who are unused to them; why not try one of the following:.

But when I didn't, and started popping up with other symptoms swollen lymph glands, head to toe itchiness , they stepped up the testing: CT scan, MRI, biopsy. I stepped up the list making: I had the funeral music playlist done, and headstone designed I know I said cremation, not burial, but I wasn't rational.

At this point, lymphoma surged ahead as the most likely candidate, and the medical team expanded to include a hematologist. In case you've been listening, I did in fact work throughout this whole period. I would get up, spend six hours laughing and sweating with my radio pals across the nation, and then go back to bed.

Sometimes, I would make it to the chair in the family room. Two weeks ago, I made it as far as Vermont, for a long in the planning family ski trip. I didn't do much skiing: Meanwhile, as the results of the tests started to trickle in, the symptoms started to disappear.

Finally, last Thursday, I received the final diagnosis: And, like a deranged villain in a Western, after shooting up everything in sight, it just rode out of town.

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In keeping with the tradition of European dragons, the Slavic dragon has multiple heads. Try to withdraw small sums and not huge stacks of notes at one time and DO NOT flash your cash around even if its in the bank.

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